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A label spawned from everything associated with Space in the spirit of the Kraft.

Future releases:

Current releases:

Fjoddelord Single Cover

Bergen Burning feat. Fjoddelord


Samarbeidsprosjekt mellom studiokollektivet Bergen Burning og den stadig utrøykte men oppadstormende bergensrapperen.

Collaboration between the studio collective Bergen Burning and the chronically stoned but up-and-coming rapper from Bergen.

Single released on April 16th, 2015.


Three-piece from Bergen. Brit punk, surf rock, grunge, reggae, sweetened with pop and served as a rock dish. Available on iTunes and Spotify.

Future releases:

Sigve Pigve & Action the Man

Dubstep/hip hop-crossover. Norwegian and English lyrics about their favourite topics. It's awesome. EP out soon.

Promille ‰

Punkstep? Punk & Bass? Drum 'n' Oi!? It’s all about drunkenness, betrayal, longing and of course females. EP out soon.

Sigve Pigve

EDM/electro/bass/tweak-head. Instrumentals and collabs. EP out in 2015.


Ranging from electropop/disco, new psychedelia, electro prog, trance, 70's retro rock, metal. It’s all there and coming out on this label on various EPs sooner or later.

For the nostalgic:

Cheese Cake Truck

Various unreleased tracks from nutcases. More stuff coming soon. Soonish, or perhaps a bit more later... definitely at some point.

The Primes

Former unreleased tracks. Stay tuned and in good spirit!